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Company Profile

Covering an area of 1,000 mu, Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. is the world's solar cells monomer of the largest capacity, with the first phase having 2000 MW of PV cell and 500 MW of module capacity. The company owns about 8000 standard employees. The annual output value reaches RMB  10 billion during full-rate production. Adhering to its corporate mission of “striving for excellence, contributing to society”, Tongwei Solar (Hefei) strives to provide the most economical, clean and pro-environment PV products and solar energy solutions to global partners.

Tongwei Group's New Energy Business Chain

Mr. Liu Hanyuan, Standing Committee Member of the 11th CPPCC, Vice Chairman of the New Energy Chamber of Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Board Chairman of Tongwei Group.

Under the leadership of Mr. Liu Hanyuan, Tongwei Group has grown from an obscure follower to the market leader, industry rule maker and standard setter, with its business in single agriculture and animal husbandry segment expanding to core businesses of agriculture and new energy after 31-year development.Tongwei operates nationwide as well as in Southeast Asia with over 110 branch/subsidiary companies and 20,000 employees, and has built a formidable business that tallied¥41.2 billion RMB in sales in 2012.

As a leading participant and drive of the domestic or even global PV industry, Tongwei adheres to its development vision of "For a Better Life", and has formed the most complete PV business chain with IIPR. In just 7 years, led by Chairman Liu Hanyuan, Yongxiang Co., Ltd. under Tongwei Group has formed a complete circular economy business chain from bittern, chlorine hydride, caustic soda, PVC, trichlorosilane, polysilicon to carbide slag production. Meanwhile, the company perseveres in business chain extension in downstream solar cell, module and power plant business, forming chemical industry based and polysilicon based ‘solar PV industry’ circular economy business chain. Yongxiang has become the only company in China with sound circular economic development model, and the only demonstration company of circular economy model combining polysilicon and chemical business. Additionally, Yongxiang is among the remaining few polysilicon companies in China that is still up and running, showcasing Tongwei’s prestige in the sector through strong competitiveness.

Particularly, working on the worldwide technology problem of operating pressure of the recovery system, Yongxiang has formed the unique ‘Yongxiang Polysilicon Production Method’ with almost a hundred patent applications. At the world’s technique forefront, YXPPM broke the technical blockade of European and American countries. Furthermore, based on the successful experience of its first phase polysilicon project construction and the advanced energy conservation and recycling-oriented production technique, Tongwei has formed multi-location new energy business chain from monosilicon, polysilicon, solar module production, to solar power generation and application in Leshan, Chengdu and Ganzi Litang through strengthened management, technical innovation as well as industry linkage.

At Shuangliu Chengdu , Tongwei set up Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd. in 2009. Specializing in wafer production, Tongwei solar strives to strengthen its competitiveness through investment in downstream solar PV industry, and runs PV projects at Shuangliu New Energy Industrial Park.

Meanwhile, Tongwei Group also takes advantage of abundant solar resources and prime locations in West China, and has built solar plant and irrigation system of 30KW and 5KW in Fengning Hebei, off-grid solar power generation project of 12 KW at Ruola, Litang County. In 2011, Tongwei signed an integrated PV strategic cooperation agreement with Xinjiang Government, which included 50,000-ton solar-grade poly-silicon project, 3GW solar wafer and solar cell project, as well as 5 generators of 350,000 KW. The project incorporates product manufacturing, production, technique development, photoelectric product application, PV power plant construction, investment operation management, and BIPV project construction.

Relying on advanced independent technology innovation and accumulated experience in grid-connected plant construction and operation over the years, Tongwei Group is currently planning the construction of a 5000 MW large-scale solar PV plant in Sichuan and regions with abundant photo-thermal and solar resources, and starts to promote solar distributed medium and small sized household power stations in rural and urban areas in China.

In Hong Kong, Tongwei invested 100 million US dollars to set up a wholly-owned subsidiarie, Tongwei Solar HK Co., Limited, in 2014. Depending on the global international trade and finance environments of Hong Kong, Tongwei Solar HK has become the main party of international trade of Tongwei Solar, which enjoys a good reputation in the worldwide. The business scopes include I/E of PV cells and modules, purchasing of materials and machines,etc.

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