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TWS Chengdu wins thetitle of "National High-tech Enterprise"

Recently, the State High-tech Enterprise Accreditation Management Networkreleased the list of the second batch high-tech enterprises in Sichuan Provincein 2017. Tongwei Solar  Chengdu Co.,Ltd.won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise".Inaccordance with relevant provisions of the Measures for Identification andManagement of Hi-tech Enterprises (No.32 National Science and Technology ) and the Guidelines for Identificationand Management of Hi-tech Enterprises (No.195 of National Science andTechnology), Sichuan Science and Technology Bureau has made recommendations forthe verification of enterprise declaration materials, expert review, onlinepublicity and national record keeping, and has passed on approvals to differentlevels over enterprise applicants .The identifiedhigh-tech enterprises can not only enjoy the national, provincial and municipalincentive policies, but also obtain support of national, provincial andmunicipal scientific research funds as well as green channel of financialallocation.The identification of "national high-tech enterprise" is acomprehensive evaluation of the company's core independent intellectualproperty rights, transion capability of scientific and technologicalachievements, organizational and management level of research and development,growth indicators and talent structure.This award is a full affirmation of thecompany's R&D and technological innovation capabilities. It is also a spurand incentive for the company's sustainable development. In the future, TongweiSolar will continue to move forward toward the goal of "striving to build theworld-class solar photovoltaic enterprise and the world-class clean energycompany"!

It is reported that domestic well-knownenterprises such as Alibaba, China Railway II Bureau, Yongxiang also receivedthe title of "national high-tech enterprise".

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