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Shenyang CAS delegation visits TWS Hefei

 January 9,Shenyang Chinese Academy of Sciences delegation visited Tongwei Solar Hefei for research and survey, and received warm welcome from Tongwei Solar Hefei’s middle management.The two sides held a talk afterwards.

The delegation  learning the development of the company.

The delegation first went to the P5 high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell production workshop to understand the performance of Tongwei solar cells and modules in detail. Then, the delegation went to the workshop to learn about production process and capacity of each workshop. During the visit, the delegation fully recognized the highly automated workshops and rigorous on-site management, and highly valued the company's development vision.

In the exhibition hall of the company, the delegation had a detailed understanding of Tongwei Group's industrial layout, course of business development, achievements in agriculture and new energy development, as well as  development and operation of Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu companies.

At the symposium, the delegation and the company's middle management had in-depth exchanges on the company's intelligent manufacturing declaration project plan in 2018. Members of the delegation gave full affirmation to the steady development trend of Tongwei solar energy. They said that clean energy would become the inevitable trend of energy structure development in the future. They hoped that Tongwei solar would continue to innovate and make breakthroughs while stabilizing its product quality. They hoped that Tongwei solar would make further greater achievements.

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